The flags can be hand washed, dry cleaned, or machine washed if there is no fringe on them.
    Hang or lay flat to dry.

Saddle Drapes
    The saddle drapes are made with the same materials as the sashes.
They need to be hand washed or dry cleaned because of the fringe on the bottom. 
Hang to dry.

    The sashes can cleaned several ways.
    1- Dry cleaning
    2- Hand Washing
    3- Machine wash on gentle cycle.

The thread is colorfast but not bleach friendly.  It will fade.

After washing the sashes, roll them in a towel to absorb the excess moisture.  Then lay them flat or hang them to dry. 
Set the iron to the wool/silk setting with steam.  This should get out any wrinkles from drying.

Chenille Sashes
These you want to iron around the chenille part of the title.  If you iron across the chenille it will pack down and not be so puffy.

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